Clash Detection / Resolution

We find a lot of errors now by using BIM platforms; in fact, in some of the platforms, it's actually possible to automate what we call ?clash detection,' where we're looking for ductwork that hits beams, pipes that hit ductwork, etc. Using BIM, clashes and conflicts can be resolved in the documents stage instead of on‐site during construction. When you design and build virtually, then you have a higher chance of eliminating planning and design errors or inefficiencies that lead to construction problems, delay the project, cause the project to be over budget, or impact long‐term facility operations. Conflict detection reduces the number of requests for information (RFIs) and change orders, saving both time and money. As architects are starting to adopt BIM, the trade contractors are following. They're realizing that they may have to invest a lot more time and money upfront to create a more intelligent drawing through a 3‐D model, but it's going to save them a lot of time in the field with rework and rerouting.