Parametric Part & Assembly Modeling

Parametric modeling is an enhanced ability of 3D modeling that plays important role in crucial designs. It enables clients to communicate design intent more easily to a diverse audience. Our skilled professionals able to determine how the model should behave each time the design changes. As a result, you get the benefit of huge time saving creating new designs each time.

Manufacturing Drawing

Several years of experience in engineering and CADD help us to understand what is required from both design and manufacturing aspects of engineering drawing. We provide manufacturing & fabrication drawings for a wide range of products in various mechanical sectors.

Part detailing from Layout

Our skilled engineers are able to provide detail part drawings from the GA layout. Designers often creates layout drawings from which detail part drawings are needed for manufacturing, we can provide you detail drawings along with part list based on the layout.

Platform Migration

Companies today taking the benefit of merging their various CAD processes into a single CAD platform. We are helping several organizations in developing a single CAD platform through our skilled CAD migration processes. We have the team of experienced engineers that can take up migration assignments of all levels of complexity.

Paper to CAD Conversion

We offer paper to CAD conversion service i.e. conversion of drawings available in paper into vector drawings through process of scanning and conversion of the images into electronic drawings. Many organizations have extensive paper-based archives that would be more convenient for storage and use in an electronic format. We can provide CAD converted drawings in any specific format.


Our domain knowledge and years of experience helps us to provide efficient, reliable and economical solutions for our clients in HVAC sector. Based on P & I diagram and technical data sheet, we create approval drawings and 3D parametric models for the following products,

  • Central station air handling unit
  • Indoor/Outdoor air cooled chiller
  • Indoor water cooled chiller
  • Air cooled condensing unit
  • Dehumidifier
  • Heat pump etc

We also produce manufacturing drawings of the following equipments for the above mentioned products,

  • Access doors (internal & external)
  • Holding frames and guides for filters, coils, drop separator, silencer, humidifier, supply & return fan, drain pan etc.
  • Support and walls for heat recovery unit
  • Dampers
  • Rain hood
  • Extruded alum. Profiles
  • Various sheet metal parts, tubes etc.


Paper pulp refiner

  • Creation of assembly and part drawings from GA or layout drawings
  • Conversion of 2D drawings of various machine parts & casting parts into 3D models
  • Creation of 3D parametric models and manufacturing drawings of screw conveyor
  • Creation of 3D parametric models with complete manufacturing documents of cyclone shell
  • Conversion of various hand sketch designs into specific CADD standard

Automotive Sector

We have expertise to provide technical service support and have a vast understanding of production release procedures and processes. Some of the assembly systems we have worked with are as follows,

  • Component presses
  • Front corner assembly
  • Module alignment
  • Module assembly
  • Tire and wheel assembly

Apart from it, we made several 2D to 3D conversion jobs for various components of gear box assembly used for racing cars.

Custom made curtain wall & External Cladding System

We provide the following services in the field of custom made curtain wall & external cladding system,

  • Creation of fabrication drawings for the following products based on detail shop drawings,
    • Extruded aluminum parts (gutter, sill, intermediate horizontals, vertical mullion etc.)
    • Alum panels, coping, flashing, back pans, angles
    • Steel angles, panels
    • Glasses, stones etc.
  • Creation of assembly tag drawings and bill of material
  • Creation of unit plans, anchor plans, embed plans etc.
  • Creation of 3D parametric models of unitized curtain‐wall
  • Checking collision detection using the 3D models and making mock‐up assembly, floor and building assemblies using each unit model
  • Auto Generating B.O.M in spreadsheet format for the entire project using the 3D assemblies

Steel Rule Cutting Dies :

Our service includes the followings in the field of packaging industry,

  • Creation of Die & Front Waste and Stripper drawings for Flat Cutting Dies
  • Creation of rotary cutting die drawings
Flat Cutting Dies

Based on the flat cutting die drawing and the machine specification, we create the stripper drawings which are used to remove scraps. The scopes of our works are as follows,

  • Choosing appropriate size of wood for both male and female stripper
  • Placing vertical and horizontal reinforcing bars underneath the female stripper
  • Placing appropriate scrap removing wood/blade in male stripper
  • Placing vacuum holes in male stripper


Rotary Cutting Dies

Based on the component drawing and machine specification, we create the drawings of rotary cutting dies. The scopes of our works are as follows ,

  • Placing external & internal blades to control the maximum scrap size as per machine specification
  • Choosing the appropriate wood size/diameter as per the machine specification
  • Making holes, slots etc which are used to hold the job in machine frame